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WEDNESDAY DROP-IN CLASS: Take a chance...with other people who are taking a chance. If you are new, we'll ease you in, If you've done improv before, come discover something new and get your weekly workout. We do a fun warm-up; then we spend time on a specific improv tool for your toolbox; then we'll try it out or something. More info HERE.

LEVEL-UP SEMINAR (coming in April): So you have some improv experience and you want to focus on leveling up your play with like-minded performers? This weekly seminar will focus on developing your play in ways that actually show up on stage when you need it.



IMPROV MARIN COMMUNITY FACEBOOK GROUP: Stay connected with news, tips, announcements and spontaneous fun. Message us if you want to know more HERE.



WHITE HILL MIDDLE SCHOOL IMPROV CLUB: If you have a student at White Hill Middle School in Fairfax, there's a Friday lunchtime improv club. It's fun and open to all!