Being Changed

What does “being changed” mean in the context of improv? And what good is it?

Being changed can show up as your character changing emotionally during a scene. It can be a smiling person suddenly bursting into tears; or an angry person bursting into laughter; it can be an emotionally volatile character changing constantly. It can be a surprise or we can watch it build. Check out the changing in these sketches.


“Being changed” can also show up is in your character’s behavior: the big brother who always teases and bullies his little sister, but suddenly punches the kid who makes fun of her; the divorced parents arguing, arguing, arguing, then kissing; the coach who is stern, demanding, strict, then cries and hugs the player after success; a character who spends nearly the whole story fighting going to rehab, dials the number of the Vista View Center.

Improv can feel scary and fear can make us resistant to being changed, but it’s sooo fun to watch…and fun to play. We’ll be looking at being changed at Improv Marin this month.

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