Owning Moments [a Retrospective]

March is over.

The theme was “Owning Your Moment.”

It’s helpful when someone sets you up for a “your moment” and then doesn’t step on it. It helps when you see and feel moments you can take. I hope that after our play this month, you see Owning Your Moment as an opportunity rather than an imperative. Whether it’s a monologue; a line; a bit of space-object work; an entrance; a moment of specificity… with your scene-partners there to support whatever you do--it’s playtime!

And, speaking of playtime. The theme for April is “playfulness.” As improvisers, we get to pretend to be different people; pretend to hold stuff; pretend to be really angry or in love; we get to get each other into and out of trouble. We get to play WITH each other.

Drop in!

© 2019 Andrew Merit
Drew Merit is a coach and Artistic Director for Improv Marin. What a jerk.