Your inner encourager

You've probably heard it or maybe you haven't-- the golden rule of improv: Yes, And. If you haven't done improv before you may not fully comprehend the power of starting a sentence with "yes, and..."

Of course, you should drop everything and sign up for a workshop and find out, but until then, here are some thoughts about the value of Yes, And beyond improv scenes.

Many people have an inner critic who is great at shooting down ideas or saying "no" to opportunities in professional life; creative life; or in relationships; wouldn't you like to have the option of having an inner encourager? If you could build up your "yes" muscle what could you produce? What might you experience? How would it feel?

And while we're at it, maybe give the inner critic a little credit for those times that saying "no" worked out perfectly well thank you very much! After all, we're not talking about saying "yes" to everything.

But, what if your inner encourager could grab the mic too?

Drew Merit