Mill Valley Child Starting Diversity Initiative Seeking to Increase Under-represented Ethnicities in Her Family

MILL VALLEY, CA—A 3-year old, white pre-schooler has launched a D&I initiative in her own family. The girl, whose identity will not be published because of her age, objects to recent data revealing that her family is 100% white.

“I was extremely disturbed to learn that we have zero diversity in our family AND no D&I strategy in place,” the toddler says.

Her parent’s defense that the girl, “doesn’t yet understand how babies are made” was met with a swift response from their daughter:

“We’re going to have to question our assumptions to take a hard look at our personal bias to effect change in this family, and in the world.”

Before this reporter could ask for details about the program, the child’s mother picked her up and stated that it was nap time.

Drew MeritComment