New Terra Linda Costco To Offer Teslas in Bulk

By Michael Kirkland

TERRA LINDA, CA — In a bid to mollify local resident opposition, Costco has promised that its new Terra Linda store will offer Teslas in bulk. The news was met with excitement by people like Terra Linda home-owner, Siobhan Yu. “The process of buying Teslas one-at-a-time is tedious and inconvenient. I hate to think about how much electricity I waste driving to and from the Larkspur dealership each month,” said Yu.

The San Rafael Chamber of Commerce also welcomed the announcement. “We’re hopeful that the store will revitalize the area and spark renewed commercial activity—and who doesn’t want to see more Teslas on our streets?” said President and CEO Joanne Webster.

Costco will sell Teslas in 2 and 4-packs—secured with a thick, plastic connector, and a convenient handle. Unfortunately, not all colors and models will be available—just the Tesla Model S, in white.

Drew MeritComment