Three Twins Ice Cream Introduces New Flavor: Mmm! Peach-Mint

By Leo Politan

LARKSPUR, CA — The line extended out the door at Three Twins’ Larkspur Landing location Wednesday afternoon, and not just because of the heatwave. “I came out because I heard they were finally ready with Mmm! Peach-Mint,” said Fairfax resident Darren Lowell, “I’ve been waiting for Mmm! Peach-Mint for almost three years. It’s about [expletive deleted] time!” 

Many in the line felt the same as Lowell. “I saw on Rachel Maddow’s Twitter feed that Mmm! Peach-Mint was actually being served, so I jumped on my e-bike and got down here as fast as I could,” explained Stephanie Kaminski of Novato. 

The new and highly anticipated flavor is being served on a trial basis at Three Twins’ Larkspur location. “We’re waiting to see how the general public will respond to Mmm! Peach-Mint,” explained Tim Sunderland, Three Twins’ director of research. “While Mmm! Peach-Mint has really taken off in Northern California, we can’t be sure if people in other parts of the country will be excited about this new flavor.”

In fact, some at the Larkspur ice cream shop had their doubts. “I don’t know, the weather’s getting cooler, is this really the best time to introduce Mmm! Peach-Mint? I doubt there’s much of an appetite for this sort of thing,” mused Katie Walsh of San Rafael, who opted instead for a gluten-free bear claw at the bakery next door. 

Others at the shop were firmly against Mmm! Peach-Mint. Retired firefighter Carl Bittenger voiced strong disdain for the flavor. “It’s an absolute disgrace that people are even considering Mmm! Peach-Mint. Me, I’m sticking with MAGA,” said Bittenger, referring to Three Twins’ Maple-Apple-Granola-Acai variety, which is popular with older patrons for its high fiber content. 

Of course, the success of Mmm! Peach-Mint will depend on how it tastes. Five-year-old Isabella Hinckley offered an honest appraisal: “The color is pretty, but it tastes like toothpaste. Yuck.”

Suzanne Carroll