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Improv Foundations Drop-in Tuesday

Ideal for first-timers or folks who have been away from improv for a while. You “adult” all the time—make time for play. Courage is provided. If you are new, we'll ease you in. Or maybe you did improv years ago and you want to shake out the cobwebs.

Improv is a great way to get courageous and have fun making stuff up with other people. You don't need to be a fast thinker to do improv; doing improv will help you think fast!

Don't miss out on all the laughs, insights, good feedback and creative skills that you can use every day. Go with your gut and grab your spot now!


WHO: Adults 18+. 14 students max.

WHEN: Tues 7:30-9:30p ongoing

WHERE: West End Studio Theatre, San Rafael-map HERE.


RSVP VIA EVENTBRITE: CLICK HERE. Enter promotional code "CASH" in the checkout screen if you’re a member or to pay at the door.


COACH: Drew Merit or special guest coach

Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.
— Maya Angelou