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Why Improv?

Improv is creativity training with an emphasis on collaboration. If you’re looking to establish a culture of innovation and disruption in your team or our across your organization, you’ll need to foster creative courage. A key part of creativity in team environments is trusting that ideas will be welcomed. Ideas are like eggs: they’re fragile; they need a soft spot to land; and they usually look completely different when they grow up.

Improv is funny, but it’s also creative courage training. Get trained by our professional improvisers on how to generate ideas; grow them; and how to grow and maintain your creative fitness.

We can also entertain you! Hire us to crash your office party; liven up your offsite; honor a retiring or exiting member of your team.

Applied Improv for Agility, Creativity, and Communication


This workshop focuses on idea generation and accepting and building on each other’s ideas. Ideas need a soft place to land and a warm, feathery behind to sit on them. Improvisation offers principles and practices for establishing great norms and new capabilities. We’ll train you and your team for creative courage and collaborative creativity. This program will leverage improv-based activities and experiences to establish psychological safety and build creative confidence so you and your team can enjoy taking risks, learning from each other, and adapting to whatever happens.


Improv principles and exercises are the perfect way to get your team thinking about how they communicate and interact with each other. Nudging people out of their comfort zones is a great way to get them to band together.


"Safe to try" takes practice. Designed as a follow-up to Creative Courage & Collaboration, this program is a weekly or monthly workout to reinforce psychological safety and creative courage to maintain a culture that enables and fosters innovation and disruption.


Improvisation is all about adaptability. We're ready to personalize a program to fit your needs and goals. Our Improv Marin On Location crew would love to co-create a better blank with you.

San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce would like to thank you for your unbelievable improv performance...your Improv Marin On Location performers provided much-needed laughter and an absolutely enjoyable performance...
— Connie Rodgers, President/CEO San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce & Community Foundation