Improv after school


Reading, writing, arithmetic... what about creativity? It's valuable and fun. When and how do young people get educated about creativity and creating with others?

Improv After School is an after school workshop for teens (ages 11-15) that grounds students in the fundamentals of improvisation in a fun, cooperative, positive environment. We'll do games and scenes as well as apply the principles of improvisation to music, art, writing and more.

We will explore humor, story-telling, developing ideas, characters, listening, thinking fast, and giving/receiving feedback.

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Drew Merit is an improviser, musician and illustrator. He's the co-founder and an original cast-member of Secret Improv Society, now in it's 7th year (winner of SF Magazine's Best Comedy in 2016). Drew's credits include numerous performances at BATS Improv (mainstage), Big City Improv, The Reactors, and 5-speed Overdrive. While at BATS, Drew developed an improvised murder mystery format that has become a consistently sold-out show. 

Drew has worked as a substitute teacher at the junior high and high school levels. He also ran an activity center for severely emotionally disturbed youth. He's taught and performed improv for all ages.

Drew's approach to teaching improv is comprehensive, professional, and built on positive feedback. Even though the rules of improv are made to be broken, it's nice to know what they are--sometimes they can be very helpful. And, of course, it's important to get out of the way and let you make your own discoveries about your creative process and your creative self.