Intro to Improv for Teens: a 4-Week Series

Laugh and have fun while you learn how to improvise! Whether you want to star in Hamlet, YouTube videos, or a YouTube video of Hamlet, improv will help strengthen and hone your performance skills.

Maybe you want to get better at public speaking and gain confidence... 

Maybe you want to be a superstar or maybe just a regular star...

Maybe you just want to take a break from stress, have fun, and PLAY...

Through quick lessons, exercises, and open play time in a safe, positive environment, you will learn to create scenes, stories, and music with your fellow players

You don’t have to be a quick-thinker or a hilarious person to do improv--the practice of improv will help you think faster and unlock your creativity. It all starts when you say “yes.” Now’s your chance! 

WHO: Teens 13-16 | 10 students max

WHEN: 4-weeks in January 2020 TBA

COST: $120

COACH: Drew Merit, Kate James, and Jennifer Chan


Always obey your parents when they are present.
— Mark Twain